How to Care for Pearl Jewellery

Genuine pearls can last generations when they are taken care of properly. Pearls are more fragile than most gemstones so you must handle them carefully to preserve them in their best condition.

Read out guide on how to keep your favourite pearls lustrous forever. 

Triple Strand Pearl Necklace

1. Pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. Pearls are organic gemstones, which means they are vulnerable to acid, alkaline and extremes of humidity. To make your pearls last, avoid contact with perfume, make up, hair products, sweat and dirt. Apply your make up, perfume and hair products before putting your pearls on. 

2. Wipe your pearls with a cloth after each wear. As much as we, girls, would like to avoid it, we perspire and the sweat will, in time, harm the pearls. Never use harsh chemicals when cleaning your pearls. 

3. Avoid contact with water as it will weaken the silk or nylon thread. All our pearl necklaces are knotted, which means even if the thread breaks, the pearls will not go crashing down like Niagara Falls. 

4. Store your pearls individually, in a jewellery box or a protective jewellery pouch. Pearls are cohesive and shock-resistant, but they are easily scratched by sharp objects, such as other gemstones. To prevent that from happening, fasten the clasps before lay them down in a jewellery box. 

5. Pearls will need to be restrung every few years. Even with best care, pearl necklaces or bracelets, strung on silk or nylon thread, may became loose. If you notice the thread weakening, take your pearls to a specialist to be restrung. 

How to Care for Pearls

Lastly, don't forget to remember to wear your pearls frequently to prevent them from dehydrating. Pearls are meant to be loved. 

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Sizing Guide
Buying jewellery can be a daunting task. So many times I have bought rings and bracelets just to find that they were too big for me. This is why I have decided to add a simple ring size chart to make your shopping experience easier. 
Pearlberry Jewellery Silver Rings
I love that most Pearlberry rings have adjustable bands, which means they will fit most fingers. This also means that you will be able to wear them on different fingers. I personally prefer wearing them on my middle finger - it gives me a chance to show off the ring without making a statement about my marital status. I also love wearing rings on my index finger, especially statement rings or cocktail rings. 
I have prepared a ring size chart, which includes a useful sizing tool, so that you may find out your ring size in the privacy of your home. All you need is a printer and some scissors. Click here to access the sizing guide.
If you are shopping for your partner and do not want her finding out about it, borrow one of her rings (make sure the ring fits the right finger - I have made this mistake before and the recipient ended up with a thumb ring) and use our sizing chart to measure it. 
Pearlberry Jewellery International Sizing Conversion Chart Tool
I hope you found this post useful. Happy shopping! 
With love,